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In 2007, a new performing group was born.  It was conceived as a chamber ensemble of flexible instrumentation, and intended to bring "the best of the best" young musicians together to meet, rehearse and perform.  No other opportunity currently exists in the Trenton New Jersey area for the finest young musicians to know each other, and exhibit their considerable accomplishments, and experience the Fun of ensemble music-making!

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The Camerata, 2008

In 2008, the concept began to take hold.  People started to catch our excitement!  We play for charity; to raise money for local groups in our area, and to rise the civic consciousness of our young players.  We want them to know firsthand that their talents play an important role in the quality of life in their communities!

Provenance Camerata plays original music and original arrangements of familiar music.  It is different every year, and is designed as a unique experience for the musicians and audiences.  We live in the moment.  Come be a part of a rare and wonderful tradition in the making!  New ideas for our fourth season are already being discussed, and some great new surprises are being planned!


Each year, students are recommended for audition; students may come from any of the many schools in this area.  Those who pass their auditions are invited to participate.  Participating students have about a month to learn their individual parts; then in just 3 rehearsals we come together to prepare our program of approximately 40-60 minutes, and go out and perform it several times to raise money for our designated charity for that season. Clearly, these are the "best of the best" young musicians in the area! A handful of highschool, college and adult musicians are also mixed in, but the group was mostly made up of elementary* school students!

Everyone involved with Provenance Camerata is musically literate - they can read music.  That is the key that allows all of this to happen.  They may be young, but they are well-studied, and have already developed the skills to be respected by musicians and music lovers of all ages.  All participants also had to have good academic standing.  It will not be surprising if some of the next generation of musical greats from this area come through The Camerata.  Teachers, schools, parents, even young musicians themselves should know about this opportunity for talented young musicians!

If you are interested in more information about Provenance Camerata, please click on the sheet music image below to contact us.  Recommendations for audition for the second season will close at the end of January 2008. There is no cost to participate (although some of the parents did help out in many important ways, and contribute for refreshments at rehearsals and performances).  

A Special Thank You to All the businesses, schools, parents, and individuals who helped Provenance Camerata to become a reality!

The Provenance Camerata Program consists of the following stages:
Recommendation          Audition          Invitation/Music Selection          Preparation          Rehearsal          Performance

* "Elementary" is used in the sense of school grades up to those typically considered to be "highschool", which in turn is meant to denote school grades up to those typically considered to be "college"; "adult" connotes those who are post-gradute but certainly not necessarily finished with learning.

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